Women’s haircut

We always cut depending on the lifestyle and personality of the client. We excel in individual approach and always start our work after consulting the client.
Duration – 1 – 1.5 hours

Men’s haircut

We offer usual hair clipper cut, as well as complex modern cuts.
Duration – ½ – 1 hour

Children’s cut

When it comes to children’s cuts, we aim at both precision and speed, while trying our best to make the time they spend at our salon as pleasant as possible.
Duration – 20 – 45 minutes


We do it in accordance with your requirements – both smooth and wavy styling with or without volume.
Duration – ½ – 1 hour


At our salon, we use Loreal Professionnel, Inoa and Majirel hair colors.
Duration – individual, according to the complexity of the coloring process


At the salon of Jarka Cechova, all highlighting techniques are available, including the modern balayage or open air highlighting techniques.
Duration – individual, in accordance with the complexity of the highlighting process


When performing this special highlighting technique, a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour is achieved by mixing darker and lighter strands of hair that are dyed a couple of centimeters away from the head. This highlighting technique is suitable for both long and semi-long hair.
Duration – 2 ½ – 4 hours


It’s a special highlighting technique, where darker color is applied to the roots and then it gradually blends into a light shade by the hair ends. This method is suitable for long and semi-long hair.
Duration – 2 ½ – 3 hours


Permanent wave is done using Loreal Professionnel products.
Duration – individual, in accordance with the amount and length of the hair

Formal hairstyle

We do formal hairstyles suitable for every significant occasion, from weddings to balls and other social events. When choosing the hairstyle, we always reflect the selected style of dress and makeup and then consult it with the customer.
Duration – 1 – 1 ½ hours