Manicure and pedicure

Manicure and pedicure


We often forget about our hands and don’t give them sufficient care, even though they would certainly deserve it. You will be given a hand massage, peeling and then, we will make your nails fit the shape and length of your requirements and, eventually, paint them with a nail polish.

Basic Manicure

Manicure is a treatment of free edges of nails, skin in the area of cuticle and hangnails by pushing it after using a softener. The final hand massage reaching up to the elbow beautifully relaxes the hand and leaves it with a feeling of softness and perfect care.

Manicure with nail polish

The same treatment as for Basic Manicure but finished with nail painting. You can choose from a variety of popular and high quality colors and brands, such as Alessandro, Essie and Jessica.

French Manicure

French manicure is still popular. When applying this technique, the edges of nails can be painted with white or any other color. The procedure is the same as with the Basic Manicure.

Manicure + P-SHINE

A treatment of nails and skin is the same as with the Basic Manicure. Then the nails are treated with a light paper nail file which straightens and degreases the nail surface. After that, a liquid made of royal jelly and beeswax is applied to the nails. This procedure is very popular, mainly for its excellent effects:

  • long-term effect
  • high shine of the treated nails
  • greater flexibility and hardness of the nail
  • prevention against breaking and fraying of nails

Manicure + Striplac

STRIPLAC is applied the same way as the regular nail polish and then, it is cured in a LED or UV lamp for 60 seconds. After approx 10 – 21 days, it’s enough to just peel away the Striplac from the nail root. The nail stays healthy, strengthened, is not exposed to nail polish remover, acetone or filing.
Striplac guarantees high shine for 10 days and is resistant against scratches and damage.

Painting with Striplac

This option comes with no nail adjusting, it includes striplac application only.

Nail polish application

Nail painting using high quality polishes from brands like Alessandro, Essie and Jessica.


Even your feet need sufficient attention. Professional pedicure will take good care of your feet and leave you with a fresh and light feeling.

Dry/medical pedicure

A special nail treatment using a high-speed device with milling cutters, it’s especially suitable for diabetics.

Basic/combined Pedicure

Feet care begins with a water bath, in order to soften the feet skin. It is followed by removal of hard skin, as well as scrubbing with a skin treatment apparatus to reach a perfect smoothness. The nails are cut and treated with a disposable nail file to fit the required shape and, using the softener, all the excessive skin in the area of cuticle and hangnails is removed. If you’re suffering from clavuses, we will remove them too. The pedicure is then crowned with a massage of the whole feet and toes.

Pedicure with nail painting

The same treatment as basic/combined pedicure enriched by nail painting. A wide selection of shades.

Pedicure – French painting

Pedicure with panting a white or colored strip on the free edges of the nails.

Pedicure + Striplac

Pedicure with striplac application. Additional information available in the description of Manicure + Striplac.
At our salon, you can purchase great Gehwol hand creams or Alessandra nail polishes and treatments.